Shopping tips to help you save this Christmas

Each year, the festive season can have a huge impact on our bank accounts and our stress levels. Don’t get caught out over-spending on last minute purchases, rather than enjoying the holiday fun. We’ve pulled together our top tips to take the worry out of Christmas shopping and to help prevent the January blues: Subscribe […]

Five ways to help you feel more secure about your finances

Organising money and expenses doesn’t need to be painful. By pinpointing your goals and developing good habits you can work towards a strong sense of financial wellbeing.   With the lingering economic effects of COVID-19 in Australia, it’s no surprise many of us are concerned about our financial futures. Between mounting bills, unexpected expenses, a lack of understanding around our needs in retirement and getting our savings on track, all of this can feel overwhelming.  It doesn’t have to be. If you break things down […]

Five ways to make the most of home loan pre-approval stage

Your home loan been pre-approved! But before you get too excited, understand there are ways you can really make the most of this pre-approval stage to streamline the process to owning your new home.   1. Start looking, don’t wait  Home loan pre-approval doesn’t last forever. Timeframes exist for lenders for loan pre-approval, and while it can often be between three and six months, it’s worth utilising this time.  […]

The five elements of your credit score and how to improve them

When you are applying for a loan, the first thing lenders will do is check your credit score – and this will have a strong impact on their ultimate decision. So, what is your credit score and how do you maintain a good score that will impress lenders?   What is your credit score?  Your credit score is […]