Brett Hunter

Mortgage Broker

Friendly. Helpful. Informed. Knowledgeable.

Brett Hunter is a cheerful quiet achiever who loves a good chat every bit as much as he loves a good spreadsheet. And he definitely practices what he preaches when it comes to wealth creation!

“In just over five years I was able to move my young family from renting to owning our home, while acquiring five investment properties along the way…all without having to sacrifice our lifestyle. Now I love helping others to do the same!”

Luckily for moneylab and our clients, Brett joined the team so he could share his knowledge and provide education and advice to busy people, helping them to select, source and structure their loans to better match their goals and their lifestyle.

As a former manufacturing manager and qualified engineer (think great procedural thinker) and harness racing driver (think driven and goal focused), Brett thrives when mentoring clients, helping them to understand where they are, where they want to get to, and everything in between. Because through his own journey, Brett knows what it felt like to be unsure of what’s possible or where to go with questions. That’s why his overarching aim is to provide the kind of service he was looking for when he started out on his own wealth creation journey.

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