Hamish McIntosh

National Business Development Manager

Hamish McIntosh has been in property investment for over 15 years. 

Buying his first property at age 22 to now buying/selling over 12 properties, Hamish’s rich experience has meant he’s been able to successfully share his property investment expertise with others, advising clients over the last 15 years to boost their wealth. 

Hamish’s philosophy is that successful property investment requires a long-term investment outlook and a focus on value creation through active property and financial management. 

When determining which property is right for a certain client, Hamish assesses each property on its own merit and considers its impact on the client’s broader portfolio. 

Hamish’s goal is to help clients grow, protect, and pass on their wealth by offering strategic advice across all areas of property investment.

He is a strong advocate for how property can enhance people’s wealth and create long-term security for their family’s future. Hamish has strong knowledge and experience in all sectors of property and an in depth understanding of the market. He has formed strong connections in the industry to ensure his clients are gaining the best possible results. Hamish is also a fully licensed estate agent in both Victoria and ACT. 

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