Harry Matsoukas

Senior Financial Planner

Experienced. Well-rounded. Objective. Collaborative.

All traits that make Harry Matsoukas an empowering and client focused Financial Planner, helping him to truly understand clients’ goals and develop strategies to get them to where they want to go in life.

“From a young age I was interested in the way investment markets work, and how wise investments can literally change lives. Throughout my career I’ve learned that the key lies in understanding how individual views around risk management and managing money influences human behaviour and the decisions we make…and that’s why I make it a priority to get to know my clients well.”

While Harry’s technical mindset allows him to break complex financial intricacies down into easily understood strategies for his clients, his ability to think conceptually and creatively, and his deep understanding and passion for investing, sees him successfully creating wealth in a measured manner for his clients.

Coupled with the moneylab method of working collaboratively with a diverse team of industry professionals, Harry’s client first approach sees him truly playing his part in helping clients solve all of their financial problems. Because by helping them to define their individual goals, devising a carefully constructed plan and implementing a range of strategies…those all important life goals can actually be realised. Pretty inspiring stuff at the end of the day!

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