James Ludlow

Associate Advisor

James Ludlow

James’ journey with us commenced at the beginning of 2022, becoming an instant hit with the team through his friendly and positive outlook at moneylab

James started in Financial Planning back in 2018 and entered the industry to help people have an organised financial house and a pleasant, comfy and adventurous retirement. 

Since starting at moneylab, James has worked getting XPlan up to speed and RiskResearcher right.  

‘We’ve gone from taking 10 hours to write a Statement of Advice down to around 4-5 hours with less human error and manual handling.’ 

‘In regards to what I do, I find the most rewarding aspect in seeing positive results delivered for clients. Not always visible in the early days, but after some time you start to see your models and strategies bear fruit. The appreciation from the clients is always nice.’ 

James is disciplined with a strong work ethic.  

‘I always give my best effort, for me there is nothing worse than knowing I could have done better. I’m also quite a calm person, which helps to think clearly when things go wrong.’ 

James is a modern day Robin Hood, but not in the sense of ‘stealing from the rich and giving to the poor’, he is actually a prize-winning archer, who can split one arrow with another! 

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