Jamie Stokes

Lead Broker & Head of Partnerships

Jamie Stokes

Leading the Broker division at moneylab, Jamie with the help of his dedicated team, closely guide our clients to achieve their financial goals every year. 
With over 10 years of experience across different banking and broking roles, and holding a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking, Jamie is able to dissect and advise our most sophisticated clients seeking to maximise the ability of growing wealth.  
Proud to be a team member of moneylab since 2019, Jamie has earned himself a strong reputation as being an avid problem solver, who enjoys the puzzle-like nature of our more complex clients’ needs. 
Jamie’s dedication to his clients was personified when someone came to him saying their previous broker had walked out on them claiming their property settlement in progress ‘could not be done’. Standing to lose $80,00 if a deal wasn’t met, the client was desperate for help. After understanding the issue, Jamie met with the clients the next day and in the space of two weeks found a solution that saw the client not only save their deposit, but also further grow their business using funds that would otherwise have been lost. 

Jamie is an avid reader, going through over 80 books a year! He also loves board games, which is no surprise to us! 

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