Joel Lockwood 

Director of Investment Strategy

Joel is part owner of moneylab, meaning he’s been around since day 1, imparting his 22 years of knowledge and experience across all facets of the company with the aim of bolstering all of moneylab’s client experiences. 

 ‘I get to help average people change the trajectory of their financial futures with tailored advice and strategy that most people will never receive without paying large amounts of money.’ 

‘I recently did a seven year review with a couple who had gone from having no assets other than a family home that was worth $500k and had $300k of debt on it, to now having $1.4m of net assets. When they realised how far they’d come they literally high-fived at the table and almost broke down in tears realising that their children would have many more opportunities than they ever thought they would be able to give them.’ 

Joel approaches all opportunities and issues with a calm logic as well as levelled behaviour to help explain complex financial matters in ways the average person can understand. 

In his downtime, Joel reads… a lot, loves going to the movies, and loves the social aspect of a long-standing poker game played with friends. 

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