Kristina Bogdanovic

Head of Financial Planning

Kristina Bogdanovic

Kristina hit the ground running when she joined the moneylab team in 2020, and was swiftly promoted to the Head of Financial Planning after proving her worth. She now leads her team with the aim to provide honest and transparent financial guidance for our clients at all stages of their lives. 

‘Funnily enough when I started my Financial Planning career, I never had the intention to be a Financial Adviser. I found after learning the backend of the process, and gaining experience in all aspects of Financial Planning that I had a real desire to help people with their financial situation.’ 

‘My core belief which evolved over the years was; “it’s not how much you earn, it’s what you do with it” – and it’s this value that I openly share with my clients to teach and educate them on the right steps to meet their financial goals. This led me to genuinely want to help anyone (regardless of the amount of dollars in their account or wealth position) to essentially make strides in their life in a way that suits that person individually.’ 

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