Matthew Jefferies 

General Manager

Matthew Jefferies is a seasoned professional with more than twenty years’ experience in sales and business management.

Specialising in managing top tier brands and leading large projects both locally and internationally, Matthew’s expertise spans ecommerce, retail, marketing and sales across diverse industries.

Motivated by moneylab’s culture and talented tight knit team, Matthew joined the organisation inspired by the business model, technology and dedication to building meaningful customer relationships.

“Perseverance is the key personality trait to which I attribute my success – I thrive on challenges and embrace them. That’s why I’m thrilled to be an integral part of the moneylab team and inspired about helping individuals to achieve their financial goals.”

Outside of work, Matthew enjoys slow-cooking ribs or brisket in his Weber smoker, spending time with friends and family, and dreams of embarking on an Alaskan adventure…exploring icy landscapes and witnessing the northern lights.

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