Michael Farrugia

Senior Financial Planner

Michael Farrugia

‘I transitioned to financial planning in 2011 following other roles in finance and from teaching maths. It was a light bulb moment that financial advice was the right career direction for me and would allow me to serve the community through my expertise.’ 

‘There are similarities between teaching maths and offering financial advice. Both have allowed me to be in service to others, to genuinely provide positive outcomes.’ 

‘I started in financial advice working for a big four bank, though I’m not particularly proud of this! In addition to running my own business, I’ve also acted as consultant for other advisers.’ 

‘Though my own small financial advice business was successful, I’ve wanted to become a part of something bigger and better than just myself, and to make a difference to greater goals.’ 

‘I can think of many clients for whom I’ve helped make a positive difference. When over time, you see the real improvement made to clients’ lives through financial advice, you recognise true accomplishment.’ 

‘My mathematics background enables me to model the effects of financial decisions for clients. I am careful to consider small details without losing sight of the bigger picture. My super power is being able to explain difficult concepts in simpler terms.’ 

‘I’m married and a father of one. I teach Aikido and look forward to my next trip to Japan.’ 

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