Pebbles Baluyot

Credit Analyst/Team Leader

moneylab’s cheery Credit Analyst/Team Leader Pebbles has been with us for just over a year.

Pebbles’ positive energy and hard working attitude is infectious, she leads her team by example and always has fun along the way!

‘I like the fact that I can check the overall quality of loan applications right before they go to their respective lenders, and only send the necessary documents in line with credit requirements. Brokers sometimes send too much paperwork, a lot of them are not even requested by credit. ‘

‘When I see that a request went through the lender it does satisfy me because it either means I am improving, or I have done well. Same thing goes with one-touch formal approvals straight after lodgement, as we do not always expect this given the service levels with credit.’

Pebbles’ greatest strength is attention to detail, always striving for a quick turnovers and smooth processes.

Outside of work, Pebbles enjoys listening to music, specifically old-school pop/rock, some symphonic metal and songs from Japanese acts/shows she likes.

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