Rachel Callander

Executive Assistant

Rachel’s journey with moneylab began at the start of 2022.

Rachel has been working in the world of property investment and project marketing for 10 years after falling in love with it and never looking back.

‘I loved the vibe of the industry and learnt so much about property and finance which has now given me valuable life skills and helped me throughout my property investment journey. ‘

‘Every day is different working in property investment, it keeps you on your toes, I’m always learning new things and enjoy hearing the success stories of clients building wealth through property.’

Honesty and transparency is what drives Rachel’s success.

‘Building trust is so important in this industry, I love to form strong relationships with clients spanning over a long period of time, seeing clients come back after initial deals to develop more wealth is fantastic.’

In her downtime, Rachel is at pilates or catching up with friends and family at the beach.

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