It's never too early (or too late), for a free super review!

You've been invited to a free review of your superfund performance with moneylab! Safeguard your future, plan for retirement, optimise your tax and consolidate fees.


How to claim your free super review with moneylab!

Our experts deliver the right advice on how to spend, invest and protect your money.
And when it comes to keeping a close eye on your super...the earlier, the better.

Book in a free chat with one of our dedicated financial experts

If we identify areas for significant improvement we present you with a formal Statement of Advice at absolutely no cost (valued between $2,000 and $4,000)!

We're so sure we can improve your results that we don't charge up front

If you choose to proceed, we only charge to implement our recommendations. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

Any fees are paid from your super and not your own pocket!

Organise a chat about your super now by booking in a free consultation or call 1300 359 245 to speak with a specialist today.

What are the benefits?

Knowing your financial position is crucial to successfully moving your financial future forward. With moneylab’s free review, you can be confident that your super is set up correctly from the get go, so that you don’t have to make sacrifices further down the track...and you can enjoy the lifestyle that you want, now and into your financial future!

Consolidate fees

Keeping the one super fund as you change jobs reduces the need to pay multiple fees with more than one super fund.

Optimise your tax

Forfeiting a portion of your pre-tax income into your super is a terrific way to save on tax and build your nest egg.

No benefit to you means no fees!

We’re so confident we can improve your current results, with lower fees, that we don’t charge up front!

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