Announcing the Money For Jam transition to moneylab

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You can now apply for personal, business and car loans via moneylab 
Money For Jam, a sister company of moneylab has joined force with the moneylab suite of products and services. This transition has established a common architecture across all moneylab products, making it far easier for customers to find and choose several loan options that can best suit their needs. It provides greater efficiencies by opening clients to a wider team of loan professionals and in-turn reducing costs for our customers. 

Providing customers with a range of financing options including car loans, business loans or other personal loans such as leisure loans, student loans or debt consolidation loans, Money For Jam has provided thousands of customers financial freedom to pursue their dreams. 

With access to over personal loan 40 lenders, our Personal, car and business finance team will make sure you get the best possible loan suited to your individual needs. We will work with you to maintain a healthy credit history and ensure you can afford the things you want in life. 

Approaching 2022, don’t continue to put your plans off to travel or upgrade your car. Don’t wait for that good month of business to expand your enterprise, purchase a company car or upgrade your equipment, get started now. 

moneylab is well and truly your one stop financial firm. We are your first-choice mortgage, investment, financial planning and asset finance specialists. We promise you transparent expert advice, so speak to us today, we are here to make your dreams come true. 

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