Ongoing Service Packages

We believe financial advice is for everyone

Ongoing Service Packages

We believe financial advice is for everyone

The idea that a Financial Planner should only be affordable to the wealthy doesn’t sit right with us. We’ve developed affordable plans catered to all types of people with various goals. We connect our clients with the right advice, tools and products to help them make the best possible decisions about how they spend, invest and protect their money.

Building wealth and achieving goals doesn’t happen overnight, it takes careful planning and expert advice – and no, not the kind of advice you’ll find at a family barbecue. We offer financial advice backed by years of experience helping you understand how to get the best out of your financial future. Trust us when we say, you won’t have to worry about us hitting you with confusing industry jargon either, we make getting the right financial advice as simple, affordable and accessible as possible.

We understand that it could be tough coming up with the money to purchase a detailed financial plan upfront, so our packages are designed for you to receive key advice upfront, but have it paid over monthly instalments. Combined with our ongoing advice you will receive all of the financial help and continued support you need with one easy monthly payment.

Key Benefits

Our advice packages are provided in two stages

Stage 1

Statement of Advice

At the beginning of your financial advice journey we want to understand your current position, as well as your goals and objectives. In doing so, we can create a detailed plan to get you to where you want to be. The first step in doing so is providing you a document called a Statement of Advice (SoA). This is a single document that examines all of your assets, superannuation, insurances and liabilities, as well as your past and future outlook, so we can be best positioned to move forward effectively and accurately.

The SoA contains our recommendations that will help secure, strengthen or supercharge your wealth. Key focus areas will include investment strategy, superannuation review, retirement planning, risk insurance strategy, budgeting advice, and debt management.

Stage 2

Choosing the pathway best suited to you

Wealth Starter

Ideal if you are beginning your wealth accumulation journey, we’ll help establish strong foundations.


Perfect way to expand your asset portfolio. We’ll find the best ways to help supercharge your wealth.


Too many assets to juggle? We’ll help by providing guidance and advice to ease the load and grow.

moneylab’s Financial Planners have devised these programs to understand you and your wants in life, and they’re here to guide you through the steps towards achieving them. Our Financial Planners will examine and advise you on your current cashflow and expenditures, your wealth management, provide you with an investment strategy, and review your super. Contact us below to get started.

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Other Financial Planning options

Super Review

It is never too early to conduct a super review.

Your Financial Advisor will review your super and ensure it is set up correctly and performing the best it can so you do not need to make sacrifices further down the track.

We will also consolidate any lost super you may have as this could be money that you are missing out on.

Investment Strategy

Are you looking at investment properties?

We offer investment strategy with our financial advice. Whether you are a first timer or seasoned pro, we can advise you on your next move.

We also do investment lending, so you need to look no further.