Student Loans

Student loans are perfect for paying tuition fees, purchasing textbooks, or for accommodation and other living expenses.

Government student assistance doesn’t cover all fees and costs – here’s where our industry contacts come in

We offer a wider range of education loans with flexible repayment options, so you can defer repayments for a period of time. We’ll work with you to find a student loan in Australia that can accommodate this, while still offering competitive interest rates.

Putting off study for financial reasons?

Supporting yourself while studying is difficult. Some of us don’t have the luxury of leaning on mum and dad and need to find other means of support. 

Luckily the Australian government offers study assist schemes, while education institutions and private lenders offer education loans. You can borrow a sum of money to specifically pay tuition fees and textbooks, or accommodation and other school-related living expenses. These loans make life easier for students, though oftentimes, it’s not enough.

Why borrow student loans from a private lender?

Government student assistance may not cover all fees and expenses, leaving students short. This is where savvy student loans from a quality lender offer great options. We only work with the best lenders, meaning we can offer a variety of student startup loans (and others) with flexible repayment options. This means you can put off repayment for some time.

Key Benefits

The benefits of student loans

A student loan in Australia can eliminate the financial stress that comes with paying fees and living costs while studying. Even if you can afford to pay your school fees upfront, a student loan can still be incredibly handy and offers financial stability. That way, you can remain focused on what really matters – your studies.

Finding the right loan can be a difficult process. There are countless options on the market, each with its own fine print, terms, and conditions. This means it’s often a stressful and complicated experience… and you already have plenty to think about. At MoneyLab, our team does the hard work for you, ensuring that everything is transparent.

We only with with quality lenders, and we’ll take the time to find the right loan for you. That means great interest rates and no nasty hidden fees. Let us navigate this sea of information for you, so you get the best loan terms possible… whether that’s a vet student loan, a doctor student loan, or something else.

Who is eligible for a student loan in Australia?

To be eligible for a student loan, you need to be at least 18 years old, a permanent resident of Australia, and currently employed. Only Australian citizens qualify for government HELP and HECS loans (the same type of government assistance).

How we make student loans work for you

Education loan providers place the most importance on your ability to pay off the loan in the future, rather than your current financial situation. Student loan repayments can be postponed, so that you only start paying off the loan after a certain period of time.

We know the ins and outs of the student loan Australia market, so we’ll ensure a smooth application process – getting you the money faster and with ease. With an expert eye, we are well-equipped to find you the best-suited student loan with a competitive interest rate, no ongoing fees, and a suitable payback term.

Being a student means education must take centre stage while your financial woes can take a back seat. So let us bring you the best options for student loans, along with expert advice and support. We’re always here to help.

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