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Easy equipment loans for businesses of all sizes.

Maximise your working capital with equipment finance

Equipment finance is a great way for businesses to free up their working capital and maximise their financial resources. It allows them to invest in the equipment they need while preserving cash flow and potentially taking advantage of tax incentives.

Invest in yourself

Don’t have the cash to purchase all-important equipment for your business? Equipment finance is a great way to buy the machinery and equipment you need, on your terms. Boost your capabilities or replace old equipment, and simply pay back the loan over the agreed period.

Key Benefits

What is equipment finance?

Equipment finance is the provision of commercial loans to businesses for income-generating assets including, equipment, machinery, or vehicles. At MoneyLab, we provide savvy finance options for any type of commercial equipment. We work with more than 40 quality lenders to find the most competitive and flexible equipment loan for you and your business.

We’re experienced equipment finance brokers. Whether you need an excavator, forklift, agricultural machinery, or another type of equipment, we’ll find the most tax-effective solution. We’ll get you the assets you need, so you can make them work for your business. 

Try out our equipment finance calculator to estimate your monthly repayments.

What are the benefits of equipment finance?

Equipment finance and equipment loans offer a number of advantages over other types of loans. At Moneylab, we’ll help you make the most of these benefits.

Less documentation

With a more traditional loan, lenders want to see years of financial history and a decent credit score, among other documentation. However, lenders are less concerned about your credit score and financial history with an equipment loan – especially since the equipment you are purchasing will be used to secure your loan.

Free up your working capital

If your business does not have the extra cash on hand, taking out a loan is a way of helping you get the equipment you need without having to pay some of the upfront costs of a purchase. Equipment finance also allows you to re-invest working capital into the business rather than spending it on a depreciating asset.

Tax incentives

Equipment finance is often entirely tax deductible for small business owners. A chattel mortgage or commercial hire purchase will enable the business to claim back the GST component of the purchase price of equipment. Depreciation on the asset and interest payments can be claimed as a tax deduction for the business (as a percentage of business use) if goods are financed through a chattel mortgage or commercial hire purchase.

Equipment finance calculator

Once you have decided on the equipment you want to finance; the next step is to size up the repayment options to choose the option that will be right for you. With equipment loans, understanding the affordability of your financing and the monthly repayments you will be taking on is one of the most important considerations.

Equipment finance rates can vary greatly, depending on the value of the machinery or equipment you plan to purchase, and the size of the loan. We like to make things as simple and straightforward as possible, so we guarantee no surprise costs or unexpected payments. You can find out how much you might be required to pay on your loan with our handy equipment finance calculator.

Simply pop in the asset type and cost, loan term, balloon percentage, and interest rate, and we will calculate your monthly repayments for you. We have access to a wide range of equipment finance lenders which enables us to provide the most competitive and flexible solution on the market for your business needs.

Get in touch with Moneylab today. Our team of friendly equipment finance experts is always ready to help.

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