Super Review

It is never too early to conduct a super review.

What you do now can have a significant impact on your retirement

With market uncertainty, knowing your financial position is crucial to moving forward with investments, especially your super.  The general mindset is that young people have loads of time before they need to worry about it, but what you do now can make a massive difference to the total amount of super you have at retirement.

What is a Super Review?

A super review is an assessment of your superannuation account by an expert.

Traditionally, many people don’t tend to think about their super account until they are close to retiring. However, the sooner you ensure your super account is in good health, the better off your balance will be when you finally stop working.

At MoneyLab, we’re experts in superannuation. We’ll ensure your super account is set up correctly, and you are making the most of any additional benefits, like co-contributions. The earlier you conduct a super review, the better… and we’ll help you make sure you can keep living the lifestyle you love.

Key Benefits

Safeguard the future

Safeguard the future

A super review in your 30’s and 40’s should include consideration around making salary sacrifices. Forfeiting a portion of your pre-tax income into your super is a terrific way to save on tax and build your nest egg.

Insurance through your superannuation account

Another fantastic tip is to incorporate family and personal life insurance with your super. Insurance premiums can be deducted from your super fund instead of your bank account and units can be individually added or removed. It is a no-brainer for peace of mind.

Furthermore, it is worth considering making a death benefit nomination on your super fund. This ensures your family is covered should anything happen to you. It is also essential to review who is on the nominated list every few years. Remember, if you have jumped between jobs, be sure to check that you are still operating under the one super fund.

Set up for your retirement

In the end, the main purpose of a super fund is to preserve your money while it grows and to be in the best position possible when you retire.

A super review will ensure your superannuation account or self-managed super fund is set up correctly. We’ll explore every option to make sure your super is working as hard as it can for your future. On occasion, this might include setting up an Australian self-managed super fund, with the option of investing your money in property. This is a good option for those closing in on retirement and can help protect against market volatility.

A Financial Planner is the best place to start when it comes to superannuation advice. Our experts can conduct a thorough review, and ensure you will be meeting your retirement goals. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wondering who can advise you on superannuation? We can! 

Obtaining effective superannuation advice is as easy as calling MoneyLab, and having a chat with our financial advisors. But there are some easy things you can do right now to improve the health of your super account:

  • Consolidate super into one account
  • Keep the same fund if you change jobs
  • Check on your fees and insurance.

Technically, you can do it all yourself. However, expert advice is never a bad thing. That’s why at MoneyLab, we work with clients to set up self-managed super funds, assess their retail super accounts, assess existing self-managed super funds, and much more.

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