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No doubt we could all be better at saving money.

When you think cashflow manager, you think business tool right?

Not necessarily so – cashflow management is just as important for us all in our personal lives. Without a doubt, we could all be better at saving money and a with a little help managing our finances, you will be surprised at how wealth you could actually achieve. Beyond buying your first home or looking at investment opportunities, build the foundation you need with the fundamental key to success: cashflow management.

Cashflow refers to the debit and credit of money which applies for both business and personal finance, and if all you are doing is paying your bills and living expenses, then you are merely just surviving – and boy, do we have some things to teach you. Where is the money coming from, where is it going, and what choices are appropriate for achieving my financial life goals? This is real cashflow management and what we are here to help you with.

Key Benefits

  • Analyse expenses
  • Get notifications on unusual transactions
  • Streamline accounting and tax
  • Get weekly updates

Your expert Financial Planner will conduct a budget review to determine how you are managing your money and ways to minimise costs and money wastage. We will set you up with our moneylab App which will track and report on where your money is going. With every dollar being accounted for, it is much easier to stop wastage, and you will be shocked by how much you could have been saving all this time. We will aid you in becoming better managers of your day-to-day finances with a simple and secure method to monitor and manage all your financial data from one centralised, online portal.

How our App works

The moneylab Wealth Management App is designed to allow our clients to manage their cash flow and wealth position easily by automatically tracking their expenses and wealth position dynamically.

Offering detailed reporting and tracking of your ongoing position versus your goals, as well as insights from our Team.

This is the only app you need to effectively manage your financial position independently or in conjunction with your moneylab team members.

Available to download for free from Google Play and the App Store.

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