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moneylab App

The moneylab App is designed to allow our clients to manage their cash flow and wealth position easily by automatically tracking their expenses and wealth position dynamically.

Offering detailed reporting and tracking of your ongoing position versus your goals, as well as insights from our Team.

This is the only app you need to effectively manage your financial position independently or in conjunction with the moneylab team.

Available to download for free from Google Play and the App Store.

moneylab app

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Key features & benefits

Everything in one place

Link all bank accounts, assets & important documents

Easy budgeting

Instant budgets created around your spending

Wealth check snapshots

Track your wealth with monthly snapshots & summaries

Stress-free tax time

Photograph & tag your receipts throughout the year

Create your team

Grant controlled guest access to your accountant, lawyer or property manager

Stay in control

Set and receive notifications to help achieve your targets quickly

Debt management

Create a plan to pay down debt faster, and we can determine if this is feasible

People like me

See how you are tracking against others who are in the same age, occupation and income as you

How it works

It’s free to start using the moneylab app, simply download the app and complete our online form to begin your free 10 day trial.

At the end of your 10 days, we will provide a complimentary analysis of your finances based on 4 key areas:

1. Cashflow Management
2. Debt Management
3. Risk Assessment & Asset Protection
4. Wealth Accumulation & Retirement Planning

Our analysis will clearly show you the financial areas you are strong in, as well as area to improve upon and where you are at risk. You will then have the opportunity to set up an appointment to discuss this further.

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