Gretta Johnson

Head of Lending Operations

Gretta Johnson

Gretta has worked in the world of finance since 2003.

As one of the first owners of a well known franchise at the beginning of her career, Gretta has held the role of broker, processor, business owner and client manager…navigating through all of this while single-handedly raising four kids! It is these behaviour traits that led owner Gareth Robinson to promote Gretta to head up the moneylab lending department.

Gretta’s presence at moneylab has always inspired the perfect mixture of hard work and fun, while her commitment to clients and her team is second to none.

Complex problems never cease in the life of a Head of Lending, but neither does Gretta. Gretta and her team are the engine room of moneylab, thankfully she finds great pleasure in working out successful solutions! Because Gretta is known for making things happen! She’s relished the opportunity to grow her team and expand their outlook. 

“I always get out of bed in the morning with a fresh attitude, even if the day prior was difficult. I am a determined person and I can always find strength in trying times.” 

Gretta enjoys adventures with her four kids, and a good whiskey.

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